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  • 2% season rewards

    we have been hitting 3% rewards the last 2 seasons and now we are looking to take that next step for 2% rewards. To my understanding for the start of a season we need to do a 12hr raid? And what target would we need to hit in special event raids? I believe beta is the next raid.

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    I thought I hear mention of just placing in the top 150 or something. I've never heard about a 12 hour raid for 2% rewards, only went into timing when making a top 3 push.


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      Late reply but if you want to make a push, stick up on keys 1 and a half days before season ends. Once there are about 2 hours left in season launch ultimus 6, a beta raid 3 and a 4. Make sure your guys do NOT hit any nodes until new season starts. Focus on ultimus and beta 4 until you reach 50% or above. Then you focus on beta 3 while still pushing to finish ultimus as soon as possible. Then once you do this, you will start placing well. After that do not launch anymore level 3 event raids and just focus on beta 4 and ultimus