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    H all,

    Just looking for some advice, I have been stuck at around the 150-250 mark in Arena for months now and have used Punfenders on both Offence and Defence due to them being my strongest team at 208,875 TP. i have also been levelling my current favourite of Groot, RR, Thanos, Minnerva, Star Lord and this team is sitting at 160,025 TP. I am favouring this team in Ult 6 raids and am trying to push this team up higher so i can use in Arena but i am not sure if this will be strong enough to take me further into the arena.

    i am a F2P player but will spend a little bit every now and again on small offers but play every day and have been playing for a year now and want to push up the Arena further but am struggling to make much of a dent due to Punfenders not being strong enough to take me further.

    i don't have Magneto or Fury so neither of BH or Shield are an option for me so wondered if the above team would be better to switch to or keep Punfenders until this team has a higher TP?

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    you need to level up that guardians team a bit more imo


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      ok thanks for the advice