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  • Player Market?

    OK, so maybe this was suggested before, maybe many times before, but I think a great addition to the game would be a market that players could use to trade with each other. I think most players have a surplus of items and material that they will never use. Perhaps a market system could be set up wherein a player could put their excess stuff up for sale or trade. Of course, the cost of doing business under such a system might be a game-generated fee of some small number of power cores or something. Obviously, this would have to prove beneficial to the game developers, as well.

    Also, I thought it would be nice if players could receive a relatively small amount of power cores per day on a monthly basis, in exchange for a modest purchase price. This kind of thing is currently being done in other mobile games similar to MSF.

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    If they bundled your idea into whatever they had cooking for their subscription model, I would sign up day 1 assuming the price isn't as absurd as some of the offers.