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Nation X recruiting !!!

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  • Nation X recruiting !!!

    Hi Everyone, an __**External Recruiter**__ of the __**Nation X Alliance Cluster**__ here.

    Are you ready to enhance your MSF experience?

    __**Nation X** has the support of:__

    ✅ A Community of 1,000+ members

    ✅ 35+ Alliances

    ✅ A Fully Organized and Strong Leadership

    ✅ Direct access to well known Content Creators

    ✅ Constant STP/CP growth for you & your Alliance

    __The Nation X Community has a strong list of achievements__:

    🔹 Ultimus VII 60%

    🔹 Ultimus VI 100%

    🔸 Thanos III 100%

    🔸 Deadpool El Scorcho 100%

    🔹 Alpha Raid IV-85%

    🔹 Beta Raid IV-60%

    🔹 Gamma Raid IV-75%

    __**Nation X Alliance Rankings include**__:

    🏆 1-2% Season Rewards

    🏆 3-10% Season Rewards

    🏆 11-25% Season Rewards

    🏆 26-50% Season Rewards

    💥 Total Collection Power range from 150-3000

    ⭐ We have limited openings for a few Alliances willing to contribute to the overall health of our Community.

    Come check us out and help your alliance grow! -

    __**Nation X - Alliance List Image**__ (Attached Below)

    < w800-h1000>

    *[Open Original image source for most current information]*